Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Treasure Hunt - Testimony 2

Last Tuesday night a group of about ten people from Harvest went out Treasure Hunting (for explanation of Treasure Hunting, see blog titled "Treasure Hunt - Testimony 1).  For one of the women, it was her first time out and she had really struggled about going.  As she was walking out of Walmart she saw a woman in a motorized cart.   She felt to pray for her.  She and two others followed her to her car and asked if they could pray for her.  The woman was very excited because just that week she was considering suicide and had asked God to show her a sign that He cared.  They were able to listen to her hurt and pain, pray with her and challenge her to keep praying that God would show Himself to her.

So my question is, "What would have happened if she had not gone on the Treasure Hunt?"  Interestingly, more and more I believe that God just needs a willing body to carry forth His purposes.


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